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Weighted Plush Animals for Kids

297 Ratings
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$9.99 - $19.99
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Introducing our Weighted Plush Animals for Kids, combining cuddly companionship with therapeutic benefits. Each plush toy is filled with safe, non-toxic weighted beads, providing a calming effect for children.


  • Soft and huggable material
  • Weighted beads for sensory input
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
  • Available in various animal designs

Sleeping without worry has never been so simple...
Our Plushies are ideal for sleeping and relaxing. We guarantee you'll be falling off to sleep in an instant after rating this as one of the top Weighted Plushs of 2023.

All of our Plushies operate like a weighted blanket, giving reassuring and comforting weight in the same way that a warm embrace does.


Stress Reduction and Serotonin Boost
Applying soothing weight has been shown to lower stress, improve focus, and boost serotonin!

Fall Asleep Faster 

Nothing beats falling asleep with a hug from our weighted plushies! You'll fall asleep faster than ever before

The Ideal Present for Someone You Care About
Our Weighted Plushies make an ideal present for a family member or acquaintance. We guarantee they will never forget it!


Standard: 16 inches: 250g

Large: 24 inches: 500g