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Waterproof Shower Curtains - Adding Style To Your Bathroom!

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Are you one of those people who love to take a bath after a hectic schedule? If yes, then this product is for you. The shower curtains are beautifully adorned with unique patterns making it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. These are specially made for making your bathing experience better and more relaxing. The dimensions of the curtains are 6 feet by feet. It also came with 12 hooks which are sufficient to put these curtains in your bathroom. So, what are you waiting for! Buy this as soon as possible, before it gets out of stock!!


  • Elegant and attractive
  • Advanced nature of design
  • Suits with all types of bathroom
  • Make your shower experience better
  • Waterproof and mold proof


  • Dimensions: 6 feet by 6 feet
  • Function: waterproof and mold proof
  • Includes 12 hooks