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Ultrasonic Gua Sha Facial Tool

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What's Included:

  • 1 Electrosculpt
  • USB Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Storage Box
  • 1 Complimentary ebook on the secret secrets of revealing better skin

How To Use:

  • Step 1- After cleansing your complexion, select a conductive serum, lotion, or oil and spread a thin layer to the surface of your skin.
  • Step 2- Activate the tool by pressing and holding the power button for a few moments.
  • Step 3- Gently move the tool in circular, lifting motions across your cheeks, jawline, top lip, under eyes, and forehead for a rejuvenating experience. Take a moment to savor the treatment and repeat this routine daily for five minutes, three times per week.


  • Red, Orange & Blue Light Therapy- The utilization of LED light therapy reinvigorates the skin, helping to foster a vibrant and youthful complexion. Its efficacy lies in blurring the visibility of lines, discolorations, and other irregularities.
  • Microcurrent Facial Massage- The comforting vibration massage of the device assists in diminishing puffiness and augmenting the natural luminosity of the skin.
  • EMS Therapy-  Electrical current stimulates the dermal layer while toning and subtly sculpting facial muscles.
  • Therapeutic Warmth- Gently infusing heat into the epidermis can help abate puffiness in the face and beneath the jawline while aiding lymphatic drainage.
  • Radio Frequency Treatment- Using RF therapy, the generation of fresh collagen is kickstarted, a process that promotes tightened, lifted, and toned skin.

The Natural Facelift You've Always Wanted

Bid farewell to your traditional Gua Sha and make way for cutting-edge innovation with the Ultrasonic Gua Sha Facial Tool! Upgrade your skincare regimen to one that is reviving, efficient, and liberated from bother. Uncover a new dawn of glowing, young-looking skin!