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Twist Mop – Make Cleaning, Easy, And Fun!

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Cleaning your house or office area can be a time consuming and a challenging task. With all the wet and dry hands, fear of water spillage, things become quite messy. Not anymore! With this revolutionary and straightforward mopping tool, one can now quickly, effortlessly and hassle-freely clean one's house.

This great tool is a microfiber-based cloth or pad attached to the pole. The swift and all the round movement of the mop allows you to clean even more swiftly. The extra-absorbent pads will enable you to clean in dry or wet mode. They last up to 500 washes. When you want to dust out your space, this will absorb all the sut, micro-hair or other such minute particles like a pro. And when you want to mop your floors and those tricky corners, it comes handy as well. The easy-moving ability allows you to cleanse the edges without bending. Also, one can easily wring it out with a simple twist.

So in less than three simple steps, your space is sparkling clean and as fresh as new. 


  • Mopping tool with the twisting facility
  • A handy tool for mopping without any extra effort
  • Uses microfiber pads for cleaning the surface
  • Ideal for any surface cleaning
  • Can be easily stored or even transported
  • Can be used by anyone without any skill or expertise


  • Size: 130x34x12 cm or 51.1x13.3x4.7 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Pole material: Aluminum alloy
  • Mop material: Microfiber