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Support Exercise Grip Band

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Experience glove-like safety while working out on the horizontal bar

Crafted from the finest leather, our Support Exercise Grip Band ensures total coverage from potential blisters or tears, enabling you to reach peak performance with enhanced ease and comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort and calluses, and greet a newfound level of strength and wellness!



Full Protection- goodbye to hand discomforts and hard with this luxurious weightlifting glove, made of the highest quality of leather for the entire palm and PU leather for the wrist guard. Its sturdy construction minimizes tearing and blistering for a comfortable workout experience.

​​Built-in Wristband- Indulge in the ingenious construction of integrated wristbands. delivering exceptional reinforcement for every man and woman during their fitness routine. Perfect for numerous exercises such as cross-training and Olympic weightlifting movements like snatches, jerks, and front squats where dependable protection is essential.

Grip Support - ​​Discover increased secure traction with an upgraded non-skid surface capable of withstanding barbells, pull rods, dual-force armbands, kettlebells, and more. Its triple-exercise load capability allows you to maximize your potential while being free from the worry of ripping, peeling, and the formation of calluses.

​​Comfort - The adjustable wriststrap affords users the opportunity to tailor the snugness to suit their individual preferences, yielding the apex of comfort. The ergonomic open-palm construction facilitates proper ventilation of the hands during strenuous exercise, assuring unhindered relaxation.


  • Material: PU Leather
  • Weight: 170g