2 Pack - Premium Custom Fit Stop Snoring Night Mouth Guard

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Get your 2 Pack of Stop Snoring Mouth Guard! If you suffer from snoring or suffer from others' snoring? it's time for you to get your hands on this right now.


  • Design: Cleverly designed, affordable, and easy to use a dental night guard. The perfect balance between protection and comfort.
  • Includes: 2 mouth guards, instructions for use, and 1 storage case
  • Advanced: A thinner design, will cover just the teeth and do not extend onto the gums. Relaxes jaw muscles, prevents nighttime teeth grinding, clenching, Bruxism & TMJ.
  • Adjustable: All individual adjustments can be made by patients themselves, using hot water to soften it and then to mold it around the teeth using the fingers. They are perfect for adults and kids, dentures, and braces wearers