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LED Wireless Motion Sensing Light Bar – Upgrade Your Home!

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The led wireless motion sensing light bar is a beautiful product which can be easily attached and detached to the lamp body. To install it, we don't need any tools, screws, or nuts. It is effortless to attach. The light bar comes with the automatic sensor which can light the bulb and also shut it down when you go away to 3 meters. Lights will be shut down within 15 seconds.

Moreover, the LED is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly. It comes with the ten pieces. Keep one thing in mind that this night light won't work in the day time as there will be brightness around it.  

It is the best substitute for the standard lights. You don't need to shut it down as it will detect the presence of the person and shut automatically. These kinds of lights are majorly meant for bedrooms, baby rooms, and workshops. Also, it can be used in places like oil depots, corridor, and basement, doors, stairwell, and closets as well.


  • Easy to attach and detach from the lamp body
  • Has an automatic sensor to turn the light on and off
  • Energy saving and environment-friendly
  • The package contains 1 x 10 LED IR sensor closet light and 1 x user manual


  • Sensitivity: > 3 meter Distance
  • Sensor Range: 120 degrees
  • LED Quantity: 10
  • Light color: White or Warm White
  • LED life: 50,000 hours or more
  • Size: 19.7 x 3 cm / 7.7 x 1.2 in (L x W)
  • Material: Aluminum + ABS
  • Weight: 90g