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Solar Eclipse Glasses

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Experience the majesty of the solar eclipse with our specially designed glasses. Our set includes twelve individual pieces, each crafted to facilitate a direct gaze at the stunning celestial event with assured safety. Ideal for enthusiasts and casual observers alike, these glasses are a must-have for the upcoming eclipse viewing.


  • Direct Solar Viewing: Engineered with advanced filters to permit safe direct viewing of solar events.
  • Optical Filters: Equipped with superior filters that project a crisp, orange image of the sun, optimizing your eclipse viewing experience.
  • Eye-Safety: Designed to block out 100% of ultraviolet and infrared light, and 99% of intense visible light, ensuring the safety of your vision during solar observations.
  • Optical Density: Our glasses boast a high optical density, ensuring that only a fraction of the sun's light is transmitted, providing a safe solar viewing experience.
  • Viewing Clarity: The premium filters in our glasses produce a sharp, orange image of the sun, enhancing details such as sunspots and planetary transits during an eclipse.
  • Construction Quality: Made from durable materials, these glasses are designed to withstand handling and use by individuals of all ages while maintaining their protective qualities.

  • Standardized Fit: The glasses are constructed to fit comfortably on a wide range of face shapes and sizes, ensuring a universal fit for all eclipse viewers.
  • Pack Quantity: This set includes 12 individual glasses, making it ideal for group events, educational purposes, or sharing with family and friends during solar observations.