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Quick Snake Wire - One Wire To Clear The Clog

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To remove the trash and junk out of the drain these snake wires are the best thing for it. All you have to do is insert this wire down to the sink of the bathroom or the kitchen. After that, all you need is to twist that wire and then pull it very hard. You will see that without any problem that junk is out of that shell. The best part of these wires is that you don't need to remove the drain stopper, as the cable can easily be inserted even with the drain stopper. The wires can be stretched to 26.6" into the drains. Using chemicals is not that effective of removing dirt from the sink of the kitchen and bathtub, and these wires prove to be a friendly alternative. These wires are very useful and very easy to use.


  • Convenient and safe
  • No use of chemicals required
  • Easy to use and effectively cleans drains
  • Removes dirt from kitchen sink and bathtub
  • Easily stretchable


  • Package Includes: One sink snake, one shower/tub snake, and a storage hook
  • Stretches 26.6” into a drain