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Pro Cookie-maker – Bake to your heart’s content!

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Gone are the days when cookie making is a tiring process with all the ingredients to be mixed in perfection. We bring to you a great and simple product which will let the cookie-making process to be a hassle-free process. It simply has to be filled in with the batter and with the desired nozzle or mold, one can create magic. It is as simple as that!

It allows you to make this cookie process a fun process to enjoy with kids. So order and enjoy the process as well as the outcome!


  • It is a great cookie maker, which speeds up the cookie making process
  • Makes an efficient, equal-sized portion of cookies
  • Uniquely formulated material does not allow any extra residue to be thrown into the dough
  • It makes sure that all of the dough is used up in making perfect sized and shaped cookies
  • It’s simple and convenient design makes it usable for even non-technical staff of one’s bakery
  • It can be used to decorate various desserts, bowls and other stuff
  • Its different nozzles allow you to create different and beautiful designs
  • The cookie maker makes 20-25 large or 35-40 small cookies


  • Package contains: 1 Biscuit machine, 4 nozzles, and 20 molds
  • Material: Anodized aluminum