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Weekly Pill Organizer – Never Forget To Take Your Meds Again!

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This efficient yet straightforward organizer for pills is an innovative tool for keeping your medicines. It is a handy tool for the old aged, the weak, and children due to its colorful designs. The lids are easy to open and easy to close with little effort. It easily fits into your pockets and purses so you can carry your weekly medicines anywhere.

The inner sockets are easy to clean, and made of a hygienic, non-reactive material. It has got a removable cover for refilling it for the next week.


  • Organizes your pills in a weekly format
  • Has inbuilt four compartments for each day
  • Beneficial for people busy due to their fast-paced life
  • Has a sleek and discreet design that avoids spilling off
  • Easy to open and close
  • Lightweight yet sturdy