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Nano Mist Spray Steamy Brush

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Why This Nano Mist Spray Steamy Brush Is On Every Cat Parent's 2024 Wishlist 

No more traumatizing cat baths with the accompanying scrapes and scratches. No more hair strands marring my furniture and wardrobe. My pet's grooming is now kept in check, and the days of hairball-induced upchucking are at an end.

Efficient Hair Removal And Massage

The Nano Mist Spray Steamy Brush is a luxurious pet brush that efficiently eliminates feline fur while providing a comforting massage experience.

Nano Mist Spray Technology

This brush incorporates cutting-edge nano mist spray technology to efficiently and gently remove dirt and hair, guaranteeing your cat's comfort, well-being, and exquisite grooming.

Suitable for All Hair Types

No matter the length of your cat's coat, this Steamy Cat Brush is perfectly suited to groom them from head to toe.

Improves Cat Health and Comfort

The Nano Mist Spray Steamy Brush elevates your cat's comfort and minimizes the likelihood of ingesting stray hairs that can lead to hairball vomiting.


  • Material: PP material
  • Use: Everyday essentials
  • Design: Minimalistic 
  • Style: Manual