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Best Multi-Functional Therapeutic Electric Massager

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With more work, stress, and changing lifestyles, various kinds of back pain, shoulder pain are bound to arise. An electrical massager is a pioneering tool in this segment. It lets you experience acupuncture, cupping, manipulation, stroke, scraping, massager, immunotherapy, and weight reducing. With different pulse signals, it helps you to experience the true feeling of the above-mentioned activities.

The simple settings allow you to choose and switch to different modes in easy steps. One without any technical knowledge can also use it efficiently and safely.


  • It is an electric massager intended to simulate live massages
  • Rejuvenates you and de-stresses you
  • Relieves the muscle pain, shoulder pain, back pain by acting on the points of pain
  • It makes a combination of modern science and technology and the traditional idea of massage
  • It has 8 different kinds of models meant to relieve your pain
  • It improves blood flow
  • It can be a great gifting option for friends and family
  • It is lightweight, portable, durable and sturdy


  • Electric Volt: 110V
  • Size: 154 x 65 x 15mm
  • Net Weight: 100g
  • Charged with a USB cable or by 3*AAA batteries