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Mini Backlit Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad

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This mini wireless keyboard has a backlight and a touchpad control. It can be synchronized with your PC / laptop or any gaming device, projector and Smart TV. Thanks to the touchpad you can easily access all the keyboard functions and move quickly between programs and APPs. Equipped with infrared laser pointer useful to indicate specific points in meetings or meetings. USB receiver compartment for easy transport in a suitcase.


  • QWERTY keyboard, up to 92 keys
  • Ergonomic design, perfect appearance
  • Larger touchpad, unique double mouse button
  • Innovative full-screen scroll function, the perfect experience (Fn + Touchpad)
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials, full lead-free process, in line with ROHS standards
  • Innovative smart code technology, do not shoot receiver lost, worry-free after-sales
  • Unique hotkey design, the use of more fun
  • Palm size game keyboard, streamlined design
  • Adjustable mouse speed, two-speed adjustable
  • Larger touchpad, unique double mouse left and right key design, operation more convenient