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Food Saver – Keep Your Food Safe With Airtight Sealer!

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Storing food which is left out can be a cumbersome and challenging task. Notably, the perishable food items or regular items at the times of monsoon is a way difficult and requires continuous monitoring. Now your time and energy would be saved if you own this magical sealer.

The novel food sealer can seal almost every little or big food package and also break the seal. The airtight seal ensures perfect hygiene for your food and allowing the spill-proof technique to be applied. The striking feature is that it comes with an in-built magnet that can help you stick it on the fridge. This way you don’t have to search it when you need. It also eliminates freezer burns and keeps your food super fresh with every bite. This tool is so simple to use that even kids can keep their packets sealed and safe after use. 


  • Food sealer for various plastic bags
  • Can create air-tight and fresh seals for the safety of the food in the bag
  • Great fit for traveling
  • Fantastic for wet places or perishables
  • Comes with a magnet to stick it on the fridge door
  • It can break the seal and make durable seals
  • Light, compact, yet sturdy tool
  • Easy to use, store and is a fully portable device