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Microwave Potato Baking Bag

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With this Microwave Potato Pack, not only will you enjoy perfectly cooked, moist and delicious potatoes, but it will also save you a lot of time making mashed potatoes and other favorites.


  • Perfect potato oven in just 4 minutes. 
  • You will enjoy perfectly cooked, moist and delicious potatoes. 
  • The secret is the unique insulation design that creates a steaming bag to give your potato just the right amount of moisture.
  • You will have delicate and delicious skin, fluffy at all times. Ideal for all types of potatoes, corn on the cob, yams, and more. 
  • Our potato bags measure approximately 10x8.5 inches. 
  • Cook up to 4 potatoes at a time 
  • The bag is made of 100% polyester fiber fabric. 
  • They are machine washable and reusable.

Baked potatoes method: 

  1. Put the potatoes in the bag, seal 
  2. Hold the wheel in the microwave (especially large potatoes 5-6 minutes, 4-5 minutes, small potatoes 3-4 minutes) 
  3. The microwave time to remove the potatoes, along with the tray 
  4. Share your delicious potatoes