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Magic Eraser - To help keep your house squeaky-clean!

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It happens so often that our house-help misses out on cleaning the dirtiest possible corners of our living spaces. And sometimes, they do not pay much heed. What if we tell you that we have the perfect cleaning companion in store for you? And you might not need anything in addition to this for cleaning the greasiest of stains and tiniest of corners! Yes! The magic eraser will erase any stain or dirt, without the possible use of a cleaner smoothly with the utmost ease. Just use water, and you would be good to go. It reaches the most inaccessible corners with maximum ease.


  • Easy to handle
  • Comes in packs of three and six      
  • Reaches the tiniest corners, the ordinary broom or wiper cannot reach  
  • Convenient for cleaning bathroom and kitchen taps
  • Can also be used for cleaning floor corners that get overlooked      
  • Greasy stains over kitchen tops or dining tables can be easily gotten rid of      
  • Not necessary to use any detergent or cleaning solution


  • The magic eraser comes in a pack of three and six erasers
  • Color: White