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Tea Infuser – Sip On Perfectly Infused Luxurious Tea!

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Having an excellent tea at the right time is a luxury. Very few people get to have that relaxing cup of tea wherein one can get the flavor rising slowly. To all the tea lovers, a refreshingly new idea has transformed into a product-the tea infuser. So basically this product is in the shape of a little man, so it has got such name. It has tiny holes all around it slower portion. This way, whenever you put in the loose tea leaves in this infuser and rest the same onto your tea-cup, you can enjoy your tea, which is refreshed with every sip. The tea leaves blend in step by step, offering you a fresh sip every time. It does not require any stirrer.

The arms of the infuser can comfortably rest on the boundary of the cup, so no holding up. With simple cream and grey combination of color, it looks trendy and edgy with almost any kind of mug or cup. It can be a great gifting option for all tea lovers.


  • Tea holder that remains in the cup infusing and blending fresh tea for every sip
  • Can be divided into two parts-one to hold the tea-leaves and other to cover the holder
  • Small, lightweight and perfect for slipping in your pockets, purse or bags
  • Can be a great gifting tool
  • Material is super safe to withstand varying temperatures
  • Made up of food-grade material to avoid any after effects


  • Material: silicone
  • Temperature range: -22’ f to 450’ f