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Household Essential Toilet Brush

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Elevate your bathroom cleaning routine with our Household Essential Toilet Brush. Its space-saving design fits seamlessly into any bathroom, making it a practical addition to small spaces. What sets it apart is the hidden vent design, which prevents odors from lingering, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh.

Household Essential Toilet Brush: An Essential for Thorough Cleaning

Space Saving

Our magnetic, wall-mounted toilet brushes are a departure from the customary, providing extra space in the bathroom by allowing for the brush to be hung on the wall securely and discreetly.

Tongue Brush Head

The newly developed TPE edge brush provides a deep clean without any risk of damaging the glazed surface, reaching deeply into crevices for easy removal of dirt and dust in even the most hidden corners.

Thick Bristles

Our toilet brushes boast substantial bristles, enabling swift, thorough hygiene. What's more, their slender form facilitates effortless scouring of the deepest recesses of the pipe, efficiently eradicating any lingering stains.


Hidden Vent Design

Our designer toilet brush features ingeniously concealed vents which work together to facilitate self-evaporation and efficiently quell liquid accumulation.



  • Product Type: Toilet Brush
  • Color: White, Black, Blue
  • Material ; Plastic
  • Dimensions:- 10 x 6.6 x 40 cm