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Flies Trap – Keep The Insects Away!

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Flies are never wanted unless they are of some positive use and are healthy, which is rarely the case. A revolutionary way to keep flies out of your living space is trap bags. These have bait in them which is to be dissolved via sugared water. It activates when water is added and attracts flies. The attached cord is helpful to hang the packet or bag anywhere, especially outdoors. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly so that no harm except to the flies is caused. 

The best part is that it remains clean with the trapped flies and has to be disposed of. It maintains sanitary standards and is a great, effortless tool to stay devoid of flies. , but due to the solvent, it is not suggested to be used by kids. Also, it must be kept away from pets. Proper disposal is recommended.


  • A fantastic and revolutionary technique to trap flies
  • A bag with a solvent that dissolves when water is added to it
  • The solvent is a bait for flies that attracts the flies and catches them in the bag
  • It has got a hangar kind of tool attached so that one can hang it anywhere outside the living room or near the balcony, etc.
  • Environment-friendly
  • A clean, hassle-free, and efficient way to trap unwanted flies in the room
  • Disposable product