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Eclipse Viewing Glasses

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Embark on a celestial journey with our Solar Gaze 10-Pack Eclipse Viewing Glasses. Designed for secure direct sun observation, these glasses ensure a comfortable and vivid viewing experience of solar eclipses. The patriotic theme adorned with stars and stripes adds a festive touch to educational events, astronomy clubs, and family gatherings. This 10-pack is a thoughtful resource for any group ready to witness the grandeur of a solar eclipse.

Pack of 10 


    • Safety Standards: Conforms to the safety and quality regulations of the American Astronomical Society.

    • Smartphone Photo Filter: Each set comes with a Solar Imaging Enhancing Photo Lens for capturing high-quality images of solar phenomena.

    • Universal Fit Design: Crafted to fit a wide range of face sizes, with crease lines for adjustment and compatibility with prescription eyewear.
    • Pack Count: Contains 10 non-polarized glasses, suitable for group observations or educational sessions.