Easy Slide Selfie Stick IPhone 6/6s Case

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This phone case may look average but it quickly pulls out to become a sturdy selfie stick in times of need. This is a cell phone case and selfie stick all-in-one. The iPhone fitted case is a simple hard shell cover that is comfortably thin and great for travel.

The selfie stick is a length of aluminum that is perfectly packed into the back of the case. Simply slide the base of the stick out until it reaches it's complete length. Then, adjusts the case on the rotating joint to get the perfect angle for the ultimate selfie. 

Now you can take your selfies without bringing extra equipment. No more carrying different gadgets to capture the perfect picture. 


  • 2 In 1 Built-in Selfie Stick and Case
  • Works as a stand to enable you to watch videos on your  device comfortably
  • For iPhone 6/6s 
  • Available In White, Pink, and Blue