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Painting Tool – Paint Away To A Colorful Life!

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Painting can become a tedious task, even with the help of new machines or techniques. Drops of paint everywhere on the floor can be a challenging task to clean. Here is when this amazing and refreshing idea of using this slide painting tool can help you out. The technique for using this is quite simple. One has to fill the paint in the tub with the roller attached in it. Then, move the painting tool over the roller to remove the excess paint. And hey! You are done. Move the painting tool with attached pad anywhere on the wall or any other surface.

As per the results, this paint pad holds up to 8 times more paint than the traditional paint tools and also five times more than the rollers. The best part is that they don't need any tapes or other helping aids. They can be moved in any direction with our hands as one moves around the fixtures and different curves. Make your painting hassle-free and effortless!


  • A painting tool used to paint on walls or elsewhere
  • Holds more paint than regular paint brushes or rollers
  • Helps to paint near any surface
  • Does not drip the paint
  • Avoids any wastage of paint
  • Its easy holding tool allows being used by anyone


  • Color: Green plus purple
  • Material: Plastic and sponge
  • Tray size: 25*15.5*6 cm or 9.84*6.1*2.36 inches
  • Weight: 490 gm or 17.28 oz