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Cream Base Color Corrector Blemish Concealer Sticks

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Net WT: 3g
01 - Beige: Highlighter
02 - Green: Corrects Redness
03 - Pink/Purple:  Corrects Dark Spots(light)
04 - Deep Orange: Corrects Dark Spots(dark)
05 - Yellow: Corrects Under Eye Circles
06 - Blue
Corrects Dullness
Use one or all of these concealers to correct or modify the look and tone of your skin. These concealers come in stick form and are convenient for travel.
The cream base is easy to manipulate and apply over your skin, leaving a natural and flawless finish.
Use one or all of these corrective concealers to achieve your desired look.
Can be applied with a brush, sponge, or fingers.