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Cooking Claws – Make Shredding Meat Child’s Play!

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Picking up something from the oven, fridge or such places of varying temperatures, a pair of claws can be an ideal fit. They are fit onto our hands via that gap or socket kind and can easily lift and transfer the food item from one place to another.

With a large gap to put in our hands, it becomes smooth and gives a natural fit for our hands. It is also comfortable to use them. With its sturdy design and sharp claws, they can be effectively utilized for shredding meat like hard substances. Their heat -resistant material allows you not to feel the heat or coolness and unnecessarily harm or hurt your hands. The two claws fix in together to provide an excellent and robust base or support to handle the food items. Its compact and small size allows it to be used and transported while outdoor parties.


  • They are simple claws like that of any animal that can be used to lift, shred or pick up any hot or cold material
  • With their highly pointed claws, they are an ideal fit for shredding even the harshest or rough surfaces of meat or alike
  • Made up of heat resistant material 
  • With a comfortable hand inserting or holding socket, it is great to use and operate
  • It is way easy to clean up


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Heat resistant