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Egg-Timer – Cook The Perfect Eggs!

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Cooking is an art and science. The ingredients need to be cooked till a specific temperature only to avoid burning of the material. Temperature changes vary over substances. To guess the exact temperature, especially for delicate ingredients like an egg, we bring you a temperature indicator. It is known as the egg-timer, as it lets you see the time till which you need to cook your eggs.

Now that one can’t use a thermometer every time for cooking, this device is a simple tool that helps you determine the temperature required. This timer has to be immersed in the boiling water as your eggs. As per the temperature changes, the timer changes its colors. By knowing the different colors, one can quickly identify whether the eggs are to be taken out or not. This helps you save your time and energy to keep guessing and waiting for the eggs to be cooked properly. A hassle-free idea to let go of all the hard work!


  • Egg timer tool to determine the cooking time of eggs
  • Makes use of an egg like a tool that has to be immersed in the same boiling water as your eggs
  • It uses color changing technique
  • Simple, convenient and easy to use the device
  • Can be a great gifting tool as well
  • It can be easily stored or transported due to its compact nature