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Fidget Dodecagon

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12-Side Fidget Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety Anti Depression Cube for Children and Adults with ADHD ADD OCD Autism

Every Stress Cube (Dodecagon) comes with twelve dynamic fidget features, specially designed to settle uneasiness and keep you focused and stress-free.

A switch allows you to turn on your attention and flip off stress. Flow is the joystick of focus letting you glide into attention. Swivel lets you spin life and dial into your desires. Compress lets you silently or loudly release stress and press on the motivation. Soothe gives you time to breathe, reduce anxiety, and wish your worries away.  Twist gives you the gears and balls to roll with the punches and click into focus.


  • Newest Fidget Dodecagon: Our 12 Sided fidget cube to keeps minds and fingers occupied.
  • Relieve Stress. 12-sided fidget cube help reduces stress and anxiety. The fidget toy has 12 sides to keep your hand busy. Perfect gift for clickers, flickers, rollers, and spinners
  • 12 Sides Includes Gears, Buttons, Joystick, Switch, Soothes, and Stress Balls, Disk, Silicone balls, Joystick, etc. Release your body and mood and help you focus on your work or study.
  • A Great Gift. Great toy for relieving adult stress and helping kids recognize.