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Anti Slip Gel Pads- For Holding Up Your Best Items!

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Here is the ultimate product for you. The anti-slip gel pads are made explicitly to hold up different items. It is designed to hold products like mobile phones, tablets, remote, keys, etc., and keep them bound to a place. The pads have a versatile and robust hold on the items and can even be used to hold on heavy products. They can stick to any surface.

If you see any dust or dirt on the surface of the gel pads, don't worry, a quick run under water ought to clean the pads, making them fit for use again. You can carry it anywhere for your convenience, like in your car, and have your phone stick to it during your travel. Cameras, metallic items, speakers and other heavy objects can also be stuck to cabinets, mirrors, whiteboards, and other such things using the Anti-slip gel pads. 


  • Strong, malleable and durable
  • The gel pad is reusable
  • Dust will reduce its fixation effect
  • Easy to clean and versatile
  • Avoid use in scorching conditions


  • Diameter: 3.5 inches
  • Color: Black