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Sticky Gel Gripping Pads, Multi-functional and Non-Slip For Cell Phones, Coins, Golf Cart, Boating, Speakers (2 Pack)

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  • Quality: These Sticky Gel Pads can be washed and reused! Gel Quality is excellent. Hot environment will not affect its stickiness.
  • Uses: It can stick your iPhone, iPad, Remote Control, Camera, Speakers, Water Cup, Keys -  Stick to Glass, Mirrors, Whiteboards, Metal, Kitchen Cabinets or Tile, Car, House and many more. 
  • Durability: Strong, Durable, Malleable, and extremely Versatile in their uses. In addition, by utilizing minimalist design principles we have created an elegant product that will compliment your devices, style and home..
  • Dirty?: Dust or dirt will reduce its fixation effect. EASY. Clean with water to renew stickiness. Avoid extreme hot conditions.


Tired of spending money on mounts to prop your belongings up? Look no further, our Sticky Gel Pads are designed to hold up items such as phones, tablets, go pros, remotes, and more! These Sticky Gel Pads are strong, versatile and can be stuck to any surface. Dust and dirt can reduce its stickiness but with a quick run under the tap you can wash it all away and the gel pad will return back to its strong sticky hold! Great for use in the car, stick your phone or GPS for easy navigation and charging! However, if the object you're trying to hold is precious or heavy you should test the hold in a safe environment and use more than one Sticky Gel Pad to securely hold your object to the desired surface.