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2 Pack Microwave Egg Maker

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Ever heard of a microwave egg cooker? Do you love to make egg dishes? Well, here is something that will help you in making egg dishes quickly and easily. The microwave egg cooker is so efficient and fast that it takes only a minute to make the eggs. So, now you don't have any need for frying pans, just the egg microwave which will do all the work for you. The egg microwave is super easy to clean. It also has a non-stick surface. So you'll not only be saving on oil and butter but also on calories! It is also considered to be safe for dishwashing. Cooking food is now so much easier because of the microwave egg cooker. Buy one to take advantage of all its uses.


  • Non-stick technology to ensure, minimum hassle for you
  • Easy to cook and simple to clean
  • You get perfectly cooked eggs in a minute 
  • No wastage of oil and butter


  • Size 17.5 * 12 * 5.5 cm